Summit Bar’s Greg Seider Mixing Up Drink Menu For Malibu’s Nikita

"Charmane's Star" at Summit Bar
"Charmane's Star" at Summit Bar Photo: Summit Bar

In the ongoing saga of what to expect next door to Nobu Malibu, a Craigslist hiring ad confirms earlier scuttlebutt that the restaurant will be called Nikita, opening over Carbon Beach this June. The space seeks to be a cool, beach-side hangout with seated service and a dedicated cocktail program created and lead by Greg Seider, co-owner of Summit Bar in Manhattan, which New York Magazine declared “Best Cocktail Bar” in 2010.

The bar is so far said to be the “central focus” of the location, “if [not] the overall experience.” Sounds like Moonshadows is going to be green with envy if Seider shows up with his barrel-aged libations, tea-infused spirits, and “ground to glass” cocktails.

Nikita is currently hiring staff for its early summer debut. That is, unless Wolfgang Puck is just messing with us.