Staph Meal Blogger Sprung From Jail

Staph Meal
Staph Meal

Last we checked in on Joshua Scott Albert, the Staph Meal blogger who gained fleeting infamy last year with foul and arguably slanderous posts about Georges Perrier, Marc Vetri and just about every other chef and restaurateur in town, he was in jail for the long haul and awaiting trial on multiple counts of criminal solicitation to commit murder, terrorist threats and harassment in connection to Facebook pages he set up that called for killing top ranking police officials, and Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams. If convicted, he faced 25 or more years behind bars.

Lucky for him, he managed to cop a plea deal last week, and is currently out on parole and probation. The Philly Post reports that the potty-mouthed blogger pleaded guilty to two counts each of terroristic threats and harassment. In turn, the prosecution dropped the rest of the charges he was facing, including the felony count for criminal solicitation to commit murder. And lucky for the rest of us, Albert appears to be putting Philly in his rear-view. Sentencing records shows that his probation is “permissible to be transferred to California.”

Staphmeal’s Joshua Scott Albert Pleads Guilty, Gets Out of Jail [Philly Post]
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