The Pass: Where to Find Spring Asparagus This Weekend

Hey, old friend.

Franny's is getting its first few bundles of spring asparagus this weekend, and at the Union Square Greenmarket, Galen Zamarra notes the arrival of both white asparagus and rhubarb. As the warmer weather squelches the ramp supply (don't worry, you still have a few weeks), you'll likely start seeing a lot more green on your plates. Spotted some spring asparagus around town somewhere? Let us know. Meanwhile, here are a few restaurants that already have some. Some rhubarb, too, straight ahead.

At Mas (la grillade)

Gramercy Tavern may have some.

Check in with Northern Spy Food Co.

Or Rosemary's

Meanwhile, hit up Rouge Tomate for savory rhubarb.

And get it at the Marrow in a dessert.

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