Spago Skylight Shatters on Bierbeisl’s Chef

Mairinger has since taken safe shelter behind a plate-fort
Mairinger has since taken safe shelter behind a plate-fort Photo: BierBeisl

Spago’s skylight cracked during yesterday’s lunch service, dusting BierBeisl’s sky-scraping chef, Bernhard Mairinger, and his girlfriend in pieces of glass from one of broken panels. The 6’7” chef, who is more accustomed to being showered with accolades and awards since opening his authentic Austrian restaurant in Beverly Hills, was uninjured and relocated to the patio, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I was literally sitting right underneath it…The bottom one cracked. I was sitting there with my girlfriend. We were having the sashimi salad and veal tartare and the oysters. It cracked and fell down on us. It was the two of us that got most of the glass.” Puck, who was on the scene, immediately came out to apologize to his bruder. “I joked, ‘You really know how to impress me!,’” says Mairinger. “I had a full shirt of glass, and my girlfriend got a little cut on the eye and the hand. But we were actually both totally fine.” Good thing it happened to another Austrian chef and not, say, this lady.

Spago’s Skylight Shatters at Lunch: ‘I Had a Full Shirt of Glass’ [THR]