So Wait, Isn’t This Amigas of Pintxo on Monday?

Sarah Grueneberg.

We got a note about the next edition of Amigos of Pintxo, the every-other-Monday-night event at Barcito where chef Ryan Poli invites some cheffy buds over to offer their own take on pintxos (aka small plates), with part of the proceeds (it’s $25 per person, all you can eat) going to Pilot Light, started by Paul Kahan and Matthias Merges to offer food education in schools. And the hook this time is… it’s not cheffy buds, it’s cheffy ladies. Which is Amigas of Pintxo, isn’t it? Or does that make them an 80s computer? Anyway, the heroic trio are Sarah Grueneberg (Spiaggia), her Top Chef castmate Heather Terhune (Sable), and Kristine Subido (Pecking Order), and the event is next Monday, from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m.