‘Skinny’ Cocktails Are Taking Over the World

Invading summer menus everywhere.
Invading summer menus everywhere. Photo: Courtesy of Skinny Girl

The “skinny”-branded beverage craze is a scary subculture of booze. The drinks account for only 1 percent of total cocktail sales, but researchers are finding that sales growth is doubling each quarter. When a restaurant deems a cocktail “skinny” or “slender,” customers who are dieting say yes to drinking, order additional rounds, and spend more on food. Bethenny Frankel started the madness with her brand of low-calorie (and usually lower alcohol content) Skinnygirl margaritas, which she’s expanded into a line of wines, and now chains like TGI Fridays, Chili’s, and the Cheesecake Factory are using diet-friendly phrases on their menus. Free idea for a dating website: Pair all of the Brogurt fans with the Skinnygirl-loving drinkers, and spare the rest of us. [Earlier, Earlier, AdAge]