S.F. Butcher Who Invented Bacon Hot Dogs Not Offended by Oscar Mayer Rip-off

The new dogs in question.
The new dogs in question. Photo: Courtesy of Oscar Mayer

This week, Oscar Mayer introduced a new line of hot dogs, one of which has bacon mixed into the filling, which immediately called to mind what we thought was a San Francisco innovation by 4505 Meats: the bacon-studded hot dog. Grub Street reached out to 4505 butcher Ryan Farr to gauge his reaction, and while he’s not absolutely certain that he was the first person in history to think of putting bacon into a hot dog, he thought of the idea on his own a few years ago, and he’s not too upset that the hot-dog behemoth has copied him. “I guess I’m flattered,” he says.

And, as it happens, Oscar Mayer may have even served as Farr’s initial inspiration: “The reason we started doing it was because we wanted to add more juicy fat to the sausage,” Farr says. “But I do remember the reason the idea popped into my head originally. It was because I had those cheese-studded hot dogs that Oscar Mayer used to make. I used the childhood memory of that juicy, cheesy hot dog, so it’s kind of like it’s come full circle.”

Also, he adds, “Bacon makes a damn good hot dog. I guess they’ve verified that fact.”

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