Zack Walters and Chris Phelps Shutter Storefront Deli In Los Feliz

Storefront Photo: Storefront

In a surprising shutter, Salt’s Cure chefs Zak Walters and Chris Phelps announce the closure of Storefront, their critically-boosted, massively in-demand Los Feliz deli and sandwich shop that made its debut this past October. The chefs, well-known perfectionists whose locavore West Hollywood restaurant has its own in-house butcher, cite the project’s high standards (house-baked bread, heirloom vegetables, gourmet California cheese, bacon cured by hand) for the closure. In an announcement, Phelps expresses his regrets that, “The concept of a fully-sustainable sandwich shop was more than just an idea, it was the ideal…It’s really too bad that our vision could not be executed within the confines of the current business arrangement.” Phelps and Walters opened Storefront with Dustin Lancaster of Bar Covell and L&E; Oyster, who will hold on to the the building’s lease. The chefs say they will bring some of Storefront’s favorites to Salt’s Cure, while we will add Storefront’s name to the list of restaurants that seemed to die at the height of their popularity, joining such other dearly departed names as Mezze, Chimu, and Moko.