First Look Into The New Rocio's Moles de Los Dioses, Opening Today in Tarzana
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Rocio's Moles del Dioses in Tarzana

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Rocio's Moles del Dioses

Photo: Javier Cabral

Open at 11:00 A.M. today in Tarzana.

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Main Dining Room

Photo: Javier Cabral
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Photo: Javier Cabral

To Frida Kahlo.

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Shrimp Estimulante

Photo: Javier Cabral

Served with a mini clayuda to start. No chips and salsa here.

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Arroz de leche de Mango

Photo: Javier Cabral
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Ceviche Verde

Photo: Javier Cabral

With shrimp and fish, something we hardily recommend.

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Photo: Javier Cabral

Collected from Camacho's travels through Mexico.

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Mixed Lamb Taco

Photo: Javier Cabral

On a cactus tortilla.

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Empanada de Camaron

Photo: Javier Cabral

With emulsified salsa brava of burnt chile de arbol.

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Crepas de Pollo

Photo: Javier Cabral

In mole poblano.

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Frijoles de Olla

Photo: Javier Cabral

One of Camacho's missions is to reappropriate the role of beans in Mexican American food. No more refried mess!

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Photo: Javier Cabral

In pistachio mole.

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Passionfruit Mole

Photo: Javier Cabral

With tender chicken.

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Second Dining Room

Photo: Javier Cabral
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Project Youth Green

Photo: Javier Cabral

A Pacoima-based community garden is supplying all the produce here.

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Oaxacan Warrior

Photo: Javier Cabral
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Original Art

Photo: Javier Cabral

Hangs on the walls.

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More Artesanias

Photo: Javier Cabral

Crafts from Mexico.

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Rocio Camacho

Photo: Javier Cabral

The high priestess of mole in L.A.

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Photo: Javier Cabral
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Photo: Javier Cabral


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