Ricky’s Fish Tacos Going Trucking?

Ricky's Fish Tacos
Ricky's Fish Tacos Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Great news for taco-devotees missing Ricky Piña’s Baja fish, shrimp, and lobster tacos following his forced removal from the Silver Lake space he long occupied. Eater reports that Piña’s Ricky’s Fish Tacos is hitting the road in his own truck, tricking out a catering vehicle to serve a greater swath of the city. Despite extreme popularity, Ricky’s has been operating under-the-radar for years, despite regular rumors he could be opening a brick-and-mortar that never seem to materialize. Hopefully, this news that Piña is turning trucker portends the survival of his business and the availability of his excellent seafood tacos for years to come. Until we know for sure, you can find the taquero in the parking lot at Chinatown’s LAX-C store on weekends. [Eater]