René Redzepi Makes Unprecedented Push for Insect Gastronomy

I feel like chicken tonight.
I feel like chicken tonight. Photo: Kokhanchikov/iStockphoto

You may have heard all about how the U.N. recently wagered that the future of food will be very, very bug-friendly, but that’s not the end of this week’s creepy crawler news: Today, grasshopper-garum-maker René Redzepi and entrepreneur Claus Meyer announced that their Nordic Food Lab just received 3.6 million Danish Kroner to investigate all the potential ways insects might end up on your dinner plate in the near future. The project is expected to last three years, and you should read more about it here, but basically what this means is that Noma’s ant farm has slowly started tunneling its way toward your home city, and right now some intrepid chefs across the ocean are working diligently on ways of putting grubs back in Grub Street. [Nordic Food Lab, Earlier, Related]