Regarding the Scene at Chili’s in San Bruno, on Mother’s Day

The "Tripple Dippers" app sampler, which comes with much ranch.
The "Tripple Dippers" app sampler, which comes with much ranch. Photo: Beth Spotswood/SFGate

Ever willing to cover the food beats we’re less than willing to cover, SFGate blogger Beth Spotswood has just done a new Tourist Trapped column regarding the nearest location of Chili’s, which is ten miles away in San Bruno. She ventures there on Mother’s Day, and finds that the restaurant is “single-handedly keeping the sugar industry alive.” Even the boneless honey chipotle wings “tasted like chicken candy.” Of the crowd she observes, “Christopher Guest could create an Oscar-winner about San Bruno Chili’s on Mother’s Day after church, provided he could find enough Raiders hats.” And, despite feeling “physically ill and spiritually bankrupt” upon leaving, Spotswood admits, for reasons we can’t quite fathom, that she enjoyed the Chili’s experience. Also, “I hope one opens next door to my house.” Clearly she will be beating us to that new Applebee’s at the Wharf. [TouristTrapped/SFGate, Earlier]