3rd Ward in NoLibs to Get an Offshoot of Park Slope’s Stone Park Cafe

Rendering of 3rd Ward in NoLibs
Rendering of 3rd Ward in NoLibs Photo: 3rd Ward

We have it on good authority that the cafe/restaurant space at NoLib’s creative workspace and “incubator for innovation” 3rd Ward, an offshoot of the Brooklyn-based operation of the same name, has been secured. Last year we mentioned that the organization behind it was seeking prospective operators, and accepting letters of interest. And it looks like they’ve gone with one of their own. We’re hearing that Josh Foster, Josh Grinker and the crew from Park Slope trailblazer Stone Park Cafe are in the initial stages of getting a restaurant together there. Details are few and far between, but as the space takes baby steps toward opening this week and next, they’re aiming to get the restaurant up and running by fall. Lookout NoLibs, there’s going to be some serious hangtown fry action in your brunching future. [Earlier; Related]