Roth Calls Padrecito ‘a Fun Romp’; Matthews Calls Citizen’s Band ‘Funky’

Roth also recommends the mezzanine at Padrecito.
Roth also recommends the mezzanine at Padrecito. Photo: Andrei Riskin/Grub Street

The Weekly’s Anna Roth is charmed by Padrecito, the new Cole Valley spinoff of Mamacita which she says features more “simple, clean flavors” than its sister restaurant. She calls out a dish of kale sprouts, sadly already out of season, and the duck carnitas. She also likes the pork belly tacos, and mentions the “swampy green” La Copa Verde cocktail with mezcal and cilantro. All in all she says the menu is “a fun romp through the regions of the country to the south, made with local meat and produce, and complemented by interesting cocktails.” [SF Weekly]

Meanwhile we have Allen Matthews on two-star duty at the Chron, reviewing two-year-old Citizen’s Band in SoMa. He calls it a “hipster restaurant” that is “more funky than fine” in its approach — referring to chef Chris Beerman’s tagline “fine diner.” He says the mac and cheese is “superb comfort food,” though the onion rings served on top weren’t quite crispy; and he loves other starters like the tomato soup, and the pork belly poutine. The Kobe burger, meanwhile, is now “one of [his] favorites,” and he digs the fried chicken, too. The albacore tuna, though, is overcomplicated. In the end: two stars. [Chron]