Next Vegan Tickets On Sale… Ohhh! Too Late!

Photo: courtesy Next via Facebook

Well, if you wondered if people would pay Next prices for an entirely vegan menu… your question has been answered. Tickets for the first month of the Vegan menu at Next went on sale last night around 6:30. And they seem to have sold out within the hour, just like all the other Next menus. Tickets for June and July are still to be had at some future date— and if you must go ASAP, we suspect that even with its evident popularity, there will be a fair number of season ticketholders offloading this menu. Plus, Next has released a table or two a day on Twitter for the past couple of menus, so there are still a number of opportunities for getting tickets out there. We will say, for anyone who has reservations about reservations for a vegan menu, we spoke with a chef who went to the friends and family dinners over the weekend and he said that while 2 or 3 courses out of about 21 might use some adjustment, he was overall very impressed with the variety of dishes and techniques and very positive on the meal. Now you just have to find tickets.