There’s New Hope For the Long-Dormant Property at Front and Market

Vacant for nearly 30 years!
Vacant for nearly 30 years! Photo: Naked Philly

It’s been more than a minute since we’ve heard any updates about the mysterious and long dormant corner property at Front and Market streets. Way back in 2011, word was that hospitality vet Aaron Kavulich was working on bringing the space, which is easily identifiable with its large, unlit, arrow-shaped “Bar and Grille” sign out front, back to life. He didn’t, and he’s since signed on as general manager at Georges’ in Wayne. But, that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for the building. Naked Philly reports that Darren Hill, the entrepreneur behind Old City’s WebLinc, National Mechanics, and recently opened Lucha Cartel, now owns the bricks. Exactly what’s to become come of it remains a mystery, but here’s hoping it’s something more than another rallying point for the troublesome ruffians who’ve turned Old City into a weekend war zone to throw back firewater before going berserker in the streets after last call. [Naked Philly]