Morrissey Shames Kate Middleton for Enjoying Foie Gras

All class. Photo: Paul Rogers - WPA Pool/Getty Images

In a plea for his fans to convince London department store Fortnum & Mason to stop selling foie gras, the high-maintenace animal-rights activist called out "Kate Muddleton" for eating the delicacy. "Unsurprisingly, this most savage and cruel commodity continues to be the favorite 'dish' of smiling mother-to-be Kate Muddleton (from whom, in fact, we expect no less.)," he writes on fan site True to You. "Foie gras production is illegal in the U.K., yet the ever-so-correct Fortnum & Mason have found suppliers in France who will keep their shelves stocked possibly with the hope that smiling Kate will wobble in and place an order for her unborn child." So he's fat-shaming pregnant Kate, too? Oh, hell no! [Earlier, Cut, Guardian]