Eben Freeman’s Cocktails for the Butterfly Include Some Greatest Hits

Light lunch.
Light lunch. Photo: Melissa Hom

Rotary evaporators, liquid nitrogen, and centrifuges are used to make innovative cocktails at bars like Booker and Dax and the Aviary, but don’t call those drinks “molecular,” writes Bloomberg critic Ryan Sutton. If all that technology can be harnessed to produce the “best, cleanest-tasting brandy old-fashioned you’ll get, anywhere,” who the hell cares about labels? Bartender Eben Freeman, whose collaboration with Michael White opens next month in Tribeca, says the business of cocktails has now moved “beyond trends.” We know he intends to vacuum-seal his oleo saccharum and rescue the reputation of the grasshopper when the Butterfly opens next month, but it also turns out that Freeman will revive some of the pioneering work he did at Sam Mason’s ahead-of-its-time Tailor: Smoked coke-and-bourbons will be on tap, and the famous “edible cocktail” trio consisting of a Cuba Libre, “White Russian Breakfast Cereal,” and a boozy marshmallow will once again be available. Viva the boozy marshmallow! [Bloomberg, Earlier, Earlier]