Michael White Expands to U.K. With New Restaurant Chop Shop

Rule, Britannia! Also, pork chops.
Rule, Britannia! Also, pork chops. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Big Hospitality reports that the prolific restaurateurs Michael White and Ahmass Fakahany will open their first London restaurant, called Chop Shop, later this summer. For those of you keeping track at home, the chef’s restaurant group opened an Italian steakhouse just last week, and it has a Wisconsin-supper-club-style restaurant coming up later this year. Earlier this month, meanwhile, Altamarea reps announced a branch of pizza place Nicoletta will open in the same Washington, D.C. development that will also have a branch of its Emilia-Romagna-focused Osteria Morini. Chop Shop will be part of a larger development in St. James’s in Haymarket; restaurateur Will Guess, whose family owns Rowley’s, is a partner in the venture. [Chop Shop London, Big Hospitality via Eater NY, Earlier, Related]