McDonald’s Staffer Catches Thief Cruising Drive-Thru in Her Stolen Car

An ill-fated joyride.
An ill-fated joyride. Photo: Tim Boyle/Getty Images

When Virginia Maiden woke up on Tuesday, she realized that someone had stolen her 1995 Toyota 4-Runner. Shit. Maiden found a ride to her job at the McDonald’s in Kennewick, Washington, and while staffing the drive-thru, she noticed that a customer was cruising by in what looked exactly like her car. But what are the chances? When she saw her McDonald’s visor, which she had proudly hung from her rearview mirror (give this woman employee of the month!), Maiden realized that she was serving the criminal. Maiden acted quickly by telling the 22-year-old female thief that the ice-cream machine needed to be fixed and that she needed to pull up to the next window to wait. The cops arrived in time to arrest the car burglar in the McDonald’s parking lot. And that’s how it’s done. [ABC News via Gawker]