Photographer Captures the Beauty of Mundane McDonald’s Customers

One of the artist's colorful subjects.
One of the artist's colorful subjects. Photo: Nolan Conway

Nolan Conway is the artist behind an intriguing project called “Happy Meals”: He’s visiting hundreds of McDonald’s outposts and photographing customers. So far, his series includes images of a man who looks just like Santa Cause, two young parents with their newborn child, and a man going through a drive-through with a dog on his roof (unfortunately, it’s not Mitt Romney). “It’s almost like déjà vu every time you walk into a McDonald’s because they all look alike,” Conway tells Wired. “But the characters are never the same.” He’s thinking about turning his photographs into an art show or a book — and he should. His powerful photos are worth much more than that $9,000 re-creation of a McDonald’s soda cup. [Earlier, Wired]