Scandal Causes Spike in Maker’s Mark Sales

Carry on.
Carry on. Photo: Maker's Mark

When Maker’s Mark announced in February that it was going to lower the alcohol-by-volume content of its whiskey, people lost their shit. The company cited supply constraints as the reason, but then it completely reversed its decision to water down its product. It’s true that all press is good press, as the scandal led to a 44 percent increase in sales, as well as a spike in price per share. All those folks who rushed out and hoarded 90-proof bottles must feel a little silly, especially because the difference in taste of an 84-proof product would have been negligible. But hey: It’s better than pining for Crispy M&M;’s, Squeeze-Its, and Pepsi Blue years after they’ve been discontinued. Has anyone seen Dunkaroos on shelves lately? Very concerning. [Earlier, Reuters]