Brazen Filet Mignon and Lobster Thief Now Headed to Jail

He'll have none of this.
He'll have none of this. Photo: Luke's Lobster

Midtown restaurateurs can sleep well tonight now that one of the most notorious criminals ever to deal in pilfered filet mignon, shrimp, pastrami, and live lobster is headed up the river. The 60-year-old Charles Ross and his would-be luxury feast were intercepted last November after the previously convicted robber tried to scamper off with a handtruck laden with “25 pounds of salmon, 23 pounds of live lobsters, two boxes of frozen shrimp,” and uh, “two boxes of pastrami,” according to the Post. The food was destined for the walk-in at Bobby Van’s, and because of an unrelated high-stakes steak robbery, Ross now faces eighteen months behind bars. [NYP]