Turney and Safran Bringing Red-Saucer Little Nonna’s to the Former Fish Space

Valarie Safran and Marcie Turney
Valarie Safran and Marcie Turney Photo: Jason Varney

At long last, we get a solid lead on what’s going on in the former Fish space at 1234 Locust Street. There’s been a lot of rumor and speculation surrounding the property and what the future might hold for it after it was announced that Midtown Village empire builders Marcie Turney and Valarie Safran were taking it over. A rep for the two tells Grub today that Little Nonna’s, a casual red-saucer, is on track to open there in the coming months. It will offer a menu of home-style Italian-American dishes, Italian wines and Negronis (naturally) served by the glass and by liter pitchers.

Little Nonna’s will only account for the smaller space beneath the Independent Hotel on the Locust Street side of the property. The larger space on 13th Street, last inhabited by Rhino Bar, will become something else entirely. No word on that yet. And contrary to what’s been reported before, Lolita, Turney and Safran’s Mexican BYOB a couple doors up from their Barbuzzo, won’t be moving to Locust Street while it’s current digs undergo renovations. Stay tuned, surely there’s much more to report as the project continues to unfold.

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