Little Debbie Just Never Gets Old

Never look her directly in the eye.
Never look her directly in the eye. Photo: McKee Foods

Perpetual exposure to good cheer, imitation butter-rich Butterfly Cakes, Frosted Honey Buns, and more won’t take much of a toll on a girl, apparently: The New Republic talks to McKee Foods’ John Petticord about the very minor changes made to the Little Debbie logo in its newest iteration. The company went through sixteen versions before settling on this one, where Ms. Debbie has a butterfly collar and sharper cheeks and eyes, giving her head a just-noticeably wider appearance. But hey, being the figurehead of a snack-food empire does this to a girl, and for what it’s worth, don’t expect a thoroughly modern mascot anytime soon. “There have been several examples of brands that have gone too far, too fast, with their logo changes,” Petticord says. “We’re just not that kind of company.” [New Republic]