Lion Meat Comes to the Bay Area

The lion skewer in question.
The lion skewer in question. Photo: Mokutanya/Facebook

Just last week a Tampa restaurant garnered national press for serving tacos stuffed with lion meat, and now a San Francisco Peninsula restaurant has decided to get in on the game. Burlingame’s Mokutanya is serving a lion meat skewer as part of an exotic game menu on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and even though the wee portion (pictured) is $70, they sold twenty orders just last night alone. Clearly Bay Area foodists live for this kind of thing. Despite a general outcry on Facebook due to the endangered status of lions, and despite the fact that Taco Fusion in Tampa already quit their stunt after the public outcry there, Mokutanya says the lion will be back next Wednesday. [Eater, Scoop, CBS, Earlier]