Kroger Converts Unsold Groceries Into Alternative Power

Does this mean we still have to eat all our vegetables?
Does this mean we still have to eat all our vegetables?Photo: Rick/Flickr

Losing sleep over food waste? Kroger, the supermarket giant behind Food 4 Less and Ralph’s 359 SoCal locations, is turning 40% of the groceries people don’t buy into alternative power. Kroger’s Compton-based distribution center is using something called an anaerobic digester system to convert organic matter into methane gas that fuels the facility’s energy grid. The company tells The L.A. Times that its annual power production could power over 2,000 homes and is helping to reduce waste by 150 tons of day. As more grocery giants cut back on inventory to avoid waste and consider dabbling in alternative energy sources, it appears Kroger is already doing both with its fancy new toy.

A Powerful Use For Spoiled Food [LAT]