Jose Garces’ Guapos Tacos Truck Rechristened as Distrito

Distrito taco truck
Distrito taco truck Photo: Collin Keefe

Perhaps you were as perplexed as us when the taco truck formerly known as Gupaos Tacos rolled up on Broad Street last weekend for PIFA’s street fair rocking the name and logo from Jose Garces’ Distrito restaurants here in Philly, Atlantic City, and Scottsdale, Arizona. That confusion carried over to this week when the Iron Chef drove the rechristened rig up to New York on Thursday to cook up some tacos with Carrie Keagan on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live. To find out what was up with the seemingly rapid rebranding, we reached out to Garces.

Official word from the Garces camp is, the truck was renamed Distrito to more “directly reflect the restaurant and the food served from the truck.” So there you have it: Same truck, same kick-ass tacos, but with a new name.