International Fugitive John McAfee Apparently Also Owned a Coffee Company

Weird spot for a bag of coffee, right? Photo: Courtesy of New River Coffee Company

Eccentric gun-loving millionaire, former international fugitive, and antivirus software person John McAfee was, and possibly still is, the owner of the Belize-based New River Coffee Company. Sprudge ventures to guess he's "probably not too hands on" these days, since Belize police still consider him a "person of interest" in the unsolved 2012 murder of his former neighbor, American expat Gregory Viant Faull. Apparently the coffee project started when McAfee's involvement in another venture something to do with various modes of bacterial communication fell through. Bummer. These days, all indications are that New River Coffee may be defunct, which is a shame, because it'd be interesting what kinds of roasts are produced by someone who can quote monologues "from Blade Runner, Hamlet, German poetry and Tom Wolfe's Of Time and the River." [Sprudge, USAT]