Important Fried Cheese And Funnel Cake News for Uptown


If you drive around the city in the summer you’ll see this or that church or park putting on a carnival from time to time, but they’re always much smaller than the kind of fair you can find out in the countryside— a pity for the city that twice put on two of the best World’s Fairs ever. Well, here comes a serious old-time carnival with the real estate to bring out the big rides and really recapture the days of Riverview and other long-gone parks. The Chicago Uptown Lakefront Carnival and Entertainment Festival will run August 1st through 4th in the lakefront park from Wilson to Lawrence. They’re still in the planning stages of what the food and entertainment will be, so we’re hoping that alongside the inevitable fried cheese stands and the like, maybe some of our food trucks or uniquely Chicago treats could set up shop there. Find out more here. [Uptown Update]