Watch a Zombie-Related Fast-Food Drive-Through Prank


Welcome back to Today in Somewhat Creepy Fast-Food Pranks. On today’s show, we hear once again from Rahat the Magician, who’s at this point much better known to his friends as “Hey, you know that guy Rahat we went to high school with? Guess what he does now?” Anyhow, here Rahat and his “headless” assistant hit up Wendy’s, Checkers, Popeyes, Dunkin’ Donuts, and several more of America’s greatest fast-food outlets; watch the duo confuse, annoy, and delight several workers who not only convey the sense that pranks like this are now so commonplace that they barely register for most, but also that none of them feel like they get paid enough to endure this kind of thing.

“What kind of sauce, baby?” a worker at Wendy’s asks nonchalantly, handing over an order to the headless driver. That’s when it hits you: When a restaurant employee hands over the ranch-dressing packet to a zombie and his prey without any fear, that means it’s probably time for Rahat to get a new bag of tricks.

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