Hanson’s Beer Mmmhops Is Real, Sort Of

Well played, guys.
Well played, guys. Photo: Taylor Hanson/Instagram

We heard pretty much nothing about Mmmhops, the debut pale ale from nineties one-hit wonders Hanson, after it was announced in 2011, to the point that we sort of gave up hope. But now the pitch-perfect brothers have gotten an extra boost from placement in The Hangover Part III, and Ed Helms seems to be a fan. (“You can now get a hangover with Hanson,” the guys triumphantly joked on the red carpet, in what amounts to a really promising slogan.) And so it would seem that Hanson will have a craft-beer-filled second act, but that may not actually be the case: “The product that was sent to the premier (sic) was a sample batch and for promotional purposes only,” says Tim Schoelen of Mustang, the Oklahoma brewery with the Mmmhops contract. “The final recipe is yet to be determined.” [E!, Mmmhops Beer via Fine Dining Lovers]