Watch Chef Greenspan Sling Seafood Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Adam Richman Can't Handle Eric Greenspan
Adam Richman Can't Handle Eric Greenspan Photo: Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Chef Greenspan of The Foundry, in an obvious bid to shame Adam Richman, as well as to become the Ron Jeremy of food porn, takes Youtubers through a nine (!) minute long cooking segment at biker fave Neptune’s Net. In it, Greenspan constructs a Rabbinical Council unapproved swine-shellfish grilled cheese jammed full of clams, crab, and bacon. Perhaps Rabbi Wolf will inspire Chef Greenspan to finish his grilled cheese restaurant as well. After all, four Grilled Cheese Invitationals have passed since the announcement of the still-unamed grilled cheese concept next to Greenspan’s The Foundry. [Feast]