Now Green Burrito Is Wrapping Asada Fries In a Flour Tortilla

The new San Diego Burrito
The new San Diego Burrito Photo: Green Burrito

Everyone wants to hatch the next viral mega-hit on the world of fast food these days. Carl’s Jr.’s and its oft-overlooked Green Burrito chain are no exceptions. The restaurant’s latest release strives to vie with the Doritos Loco Taco or Double Down by stuffing its new burrito with a superfluous smattering of Tex-Mex ingredients and calling it the “San Diego Burrito.” Among the many ways we’ve come to define our Southern neighbor over the years, few of its culinary contributions stand out as strongly as a plate of asada fries, that Southwestern-style poutine that throws hot steak, two types of cheese, salsa, and guacamole on a steaming load of French fries.

Starting today, Green Burrito is unleashing that exact hot mess inside of a flour tortilla, available at all of its SoCal stores and priced around $3.99. Look to the left to fully comprehend the absolute best possible outcome, as shot in studio, of all of that excessive addition at such a low, low price.

Ay caramba, indeed.