Free Smashburger Today for People Named ‘Burger’

Celebration time.
Celebration time. Photo: Courtesy of Smashburger.

If your last name is Burger or Berger or contains some quantity thereof (Ratzenberger, Bürger), you are entitled to a free “Classic Smash” today at all Smashburger locations in the United States. So, first of all: Congrats, all you “Burger” people. In an benignly Orwellian twist, however, you’re going to have to present valid photo I.D. to get food. So, bad news for the paranoid “Burgers” of the world. Also, sadly, while all those women out there named Patty Melt don’t currently qualify, hopefully reps from Umami Burger are reading this and will pick up the slack. [Smashburger/Facebook, Related]