Food Trucks Have a New Garage To Hang Out In

Photo: courtesy The Salsa Truck

As the City of Chicago slowly legitimizes the food truck business (enough to stick it for really high fees at Taste of Chicago), other options are springing up that suggest someday we may actually have a thriving food truck scene. One is a new space on private property where food trucks can congregate, hold events and earn a little money on the side. It’s called The Garage and it’s the brainchild of the holder of the city’s first cooking-on-board license Dan Salls. The 1600-foot space at 116 N. Aberdeen in Greektown is a commissary for his own operation, a space that can hold 10 food trucks serving at a time, a pop-up space and more. “The whole point is, we’re trying to make trucks succeed in Chicago, because right now the odds are stacked against them,” Salls told DNA Info. [DNA Info]