Fishing With Dynamite Now Open Seven Days A Week For Lunch

LeFevre's Peruvian scallop crudo
LeFevre's Peruvian scallop crudo Photo: KevinEats

Fishing with Dynamite, M.B. Post chef and owner David LeFevre’s brand-new seafood-centric restaurant next door in Manhattan Beach, is now open for lunch. This doubles your opportunity to get your hands on the chef’s raw bar, as well as the menu he just debuted for dinner, broken down into sections like “old school,” “new school,” and “no school” seafood dishes. Potentially appropriate lunchtime fare includes Maryland blue crab cakes, crispy calamari, Albacore tartare, house fries, and a farro, feta, and beet salad with oranges. Fishing with Dynamite is now open seven days a week at 11:30 A.M., and is taking reservations for a table at 310-893-6229.