Fatburger Expands to India, For Some Reason

Makes perfect sense.
Makes perfect sense. Photo: Courtesy Fatburger

Only chicken, turkey, and legume-based patties will touch the grill when Fatburger opens the first of 25 new stores in Northern India later this year, Nation’s Restaurant News reports. Ditto the 25 outlets coming to Southern India in the next five years. Despite the fact that none of these Fatburgers will actually serve the chain’s signature beef burger, chief executive Andy Wiederhorn is nonetheless jazzed about Fatburger International, citing the “mind blowing” potential for expansion into regions where local economies have improved and more people are apt to waste money on combo meals. And it’s raining Fatburgers everywhere: The 61-year-old California-based chain is not only “bringing Hollywood to New York” this year with several new NYC stores, it’s also opening in Cairo this weekend for the first time, then in Lahore next Friday. [NRN, Earlier]