First Look at Falansai, Now Serving Lemongrass Pork Chops and Mango Panna Cotta in Bushwick

Shaking beef at Falansai.
Shaking beef at Falansai. Photo: Falansai

After some construction-related delays, ex-Slanted Door cook Henry Trieu has opened his 65-seat French and Vietnamese restaurant Falansai in Bushwick. The former web designer told Grub Street back in October about his plan to open a restaurant serving a menu based on his father’s Chaozhou roots and Saigon-style street food — the project is personal, and even the name falansai is an approximation of Trieu’s father’s butchered pronunciation of “français.” The debut menu features pork belly braised in coconut water and ginger, shaking beef, rice crepes, spring rolls, and more, and Trieu is pouring a few wines from California and the Finger Lakes region to accompany dinner. Check out the full menu, straight ahead.


Fresh spring rolls - Goi cuon - 8

Shrimps, vermicelli, lettuce, mints, wrapped in rice paper, served with a peanut sauce

Imperial roll - Cha gio - 9

Ground pork, shredded carrots, glass noodles, and tree ear mushrooms wrapped in rice paper and fried. Served with a side of mint and lettuce for wrapping

Vegetarian imperial Rolls - Cha gio chay - 8.5

Grated carrots, shredded cabbage, glass noodle, Shitake and tree ear mushrooms, wrapped in rice paper and fried. Served with a side of mint and lettuce for wrapping

Dad’s shrimp rolls (ChaoZhou style) - Cha tom Trieu Chau - 10

Diced shrimps with jicama and shitaki mushrooms in a crispy tofu paper wrap

Green papaya salad - Goi du du - 8

Shrimps and green papaya with mint and other Vietnamese herbs

Vegan crepe -Banh xeo chay - 9

Rice flour crepes filled with three mushrooms and herbs with a side of lettuce for wrapping


Lemongrass tofu - Xa xao dau hu - 12

Wok sautéed crispy tofu with mushrooms

Eggplants sautéed - Ca tim xao - 11

Wok sautéed eggplants with lemongrass and a hint of curry coconut sauce

Spicy green beans - Dau hue xao et - 12

Green beans tossed in wok with mushrooms and chilies

Shaking beef - Bo luc lac - 22

Wok sautéed cubes of tender filet mignon served with lime, salt and pepper dipping sauce

Braised pork belly - Thit heo kho - 16

Pork belly braised with whole eggs in ginger, coconut water and soy sauce

Five spice chicken - Ga ngu vi huong - 15

Grilled marinated five spice chicken breasts served with a tamarind fish sauce

Mama’s sautéed ginger chicken and potato - Ga xao gung - 15

Wok sautéed chicken with ample gingers and cubes of potatoes

Grill lemongrass pork chop - Xung nuong - 18

Pork chop marinated in lemongrass, grilled and served with a side of cucumber and Vietnamese slaw

Lamb Curry - Cari de - 18

Lamb, carrots, and potatoes in a lemongrass, curry and coconut sauce

Clay pot Catfish - Ca kho to - 15

Filets of fresh catfish caramelized in a clay pot


Toasted Pound Cake - 6
(Served with Mascarpone Cream and Spiced Pineapple Sauce)

Triple-layer Mango Panna Cotta - 6

(Served with Lime Caramel and Fresh Cucumber)

Falansai, 112 Harrison Pl., at Porter Ave.; 347-599-1190

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