Watch the Making of This Incredible Del Posto Timpano


It may not be gluten-free, but the kitchen at Del Posto sells an off-menu timpano, which is enormous and serves four for $100. You may recognize the meat-stuffed, pasta-domed dish from its crucial turn in Stanley Tucci’s Big Night — it occasionally steals the show at real-life restaurants as well. In any event, Del Posto’s chef de cuisine Matt Abdoo picked up a few tricks from his 90-year-old grandmother Valerie, who’s been making timpanos so long she can tell when the meatballs are good to go just by touch. Watch Valerie and Matt work together on a masterpiece, straight ahead.

And just for good measure, here’s that famous Big Night scene:

A Del Posto Chef Learns to Make Timpano with His Italian Grandma, Adorableness Ensues [BA Daily via Eater NY]
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