Chef Sleeve Launches Kickstarter for a Smart Food Scale

The kitchen of the future.
The kitchen of the future. Photo: ChefSleeve

Chef Sleeve, a company that specializes in kitchen-safe products for iPads, has invented a scale that can determine the exact nutritional information for the food you’re weighing. It’s a Smart Food Scale that connects via Bluetooth to iPhones and iPads, and syncs to an app. Here’s how it works: Place a bowl on the scale, add an ingredient, select it in the app, and the device will account for your serving. At the end, you can view the nutritional information for all of the ingredients in your bowl combined. While this is certainly ideal for Type-A, health-conscious, Goop-loving dieters, it’s also beneficial to diabetics and people looking to track intake of iron and vitamins — hard to do when you’re cooking for one, or just preparing a snack. Check out the prototype and decide for yourself if you want to help Chef Sleeve raise $30,000 through its Kickstarter campaign. [TechCrunch]