Brian Malarkey Taking Gingham Off The Rack, Bringing Searsucker To L.A.

Malarkey Photo: Searsucker

Gingham, the Western-themed San Diego meat palace that formed the fourth fabric-named concept in Brian Malarkey’s pork-pie crown, is closing. La Mesa Patch learns that “closed for repairs” signage on Gingham’s doors won’t be coming off, contradicting earlier objections from Malarkey partner’s, James Brennan, that the place was never on the chopping block. In a statement this week, Brennan is now saying that Gingham, which was reportedly never as packed as Searsucker or Herringbone, is closing so the company can concentrate on the existing concepts. On the plus side, their efforts will land a Searsucker location in Austin and right here in Los Angeles by the end of this year. Check out the New American menus right here and someone tell all the other Top Chefs to dust off the welcome mat. [Patch; Earlier]