Big Is Closing, Moving to Mid-Market; Charanga Space in the Mission Has Some Takers


Tenderloin: Big (761 Post Street), which has become one of our favorite cocktail spots in town since we broke news of its opening last year, is closing on June 15 and eventually reopening, likely under a new name, at an undisclosed address on or near Market Street. The reason: The Vantaggio Suites hotel where they reside is becoming a Marriott. [Scoop]
Mission: Jonathan Kauffman gives us some thoughts on the food menu at new wine bar 20 Spot, where there actually is no real kitchen, and most of the menu is cold, yet things are still kind of impressive. [Tasting Table]
Also, new owners Edward Sargent and Roger Howell have taken over the shuttered Charanga space at 2351 Mission Street. The new name and concept are TBA. [Grub Street]
Berkeley: Chef Banks White is leaving Five restaurant after five years, and moving to New York. [Scoop]