Battle of the Chicago Hot Dogs


A week ago, The Daily Meal announced its list of the best hot dogs in America— putting five from Chicago on the list, more than from anywhere else, including the winner of the #1 spot, Fat Johnnie’s, which they say even many Chicagoans won’t know (hey, tell it to the survivors of the 2003 Westernathon, pal). And now come our friends at Serious Eats Chicago to give a based-in-Chicago take on the same topic, with their ten best. Two of the ten on the list are places The Daily Meal chose— Gene & Jude’s minimalist dog, and Superdawg’s idiosyncratic oversized dog served in their peerless 50s drive-in atmosphere, but the others cover quite a range from Allium’s haute dog to the fresh-off-the-assembly line offerings at the Vienna Beef Factory Cafe. Check the whole list out. [SE: Chicago]