Annoying Man From the Amy’s Baking Co. Kitchen Nightmares Episode May Get Deported

Riveting. Photo: YouTube

As the cuss- and shove-prone owners of Scottsdale’s Amy’s Baking Co. flub their way through a ballyhooed restaurant reboot and a spurious PR campaign to match following their disastrous turn on Gordon Ramsay’s more-or-less staged Kitchen Nightmares, local media have done the impossible in coming up with a fresh angle on the story. It turns out that co-owner Samy Bouzaglo, an Israeli citizen, has been the subject of an ongoing immigration case and may face deportment. An unintentionally serious-hilarious NBC report quotes a “High-Ranking Law Enforcement Source” who says Bouzaglo is “banned” from France and Germany over something that maybe had to do with drugs that happened “30 years ago.” Two more things: The immigration case, which is apparently important enough to make prime-time news, has been in court for more than two years; also, that whole thing about there being no such thing as bad publicity turns out to be patently untrue. [USAT, Earlier, Related]