Why You Want To Go Eat Mexican Food in Burbank In the Next 10 Days

Carne asada poc chuc, by Chuck.
Carne asada poc chuc, by Chuck. Photo: courtesy Chuck's

One of the great hidden secrets of Chicago dining is happening now through May 5— which is to say, through Cinco de Mayo. It’s the month-long festival of authentic Mexican dishes at Chuck’s Southern Comforts Cafe in Burbank, a couple of miles straight south of Midway airport. Owner Chuck Pine opened his restaurant— part Southern comfort food, part BBQ joint, part Mexican and part late night good times joint— after several years working for Rick Bayless. And every year he returns to his Baylessian roots during the month leading up to Cinco de Mayo. Each night has a different special, like the carne asada poc chuc in the picture, lamb birria, or turkey in mole negro, but this year he’s adding a tapas party with more than two dozen choices on the days right around Cinco de Mayo (see the whole list here). It’s all good, it’s all reasonable enough to cover the gas to get there, Guy Fieri liked it (you’ll see his video first thing on the website) and you will too.