Whatever Happened To The Alma of Alma Pita?


A business exists, you go there a few times, enough to half-recognize the people who own it… then one day it’s gone or under new management. It happens every day in the city— and 99% of the time you never know what happened to the people who ran the business. That might have been the case with Alma Pita, a longtime middle eastern restaurant at 4600 N. Magnolia (at Wilson) which changed hands a year or so ago. In this case it hasn’t changed much, except that the woman who ran it— the actual Alma of the title— is no longer there. But a reader at Uptown Update found her… and her new restaurant in Streamwood, and puts a human story to the face (no longer) behind the counter:

Alma told me that she has lived in that area for years and that it was an hour drive each way to Uptown. Alma Pita was open until 9 at night, so she was spending all her time traveling or at the store.

There’s more; check it out. [Uptown Update]