Vertigo Unveils New Rooftop Lounge Tonight, and Other Rooftop News

Photo: courtesy Gene's Sausage Shop

Someday it will actually regularly be a temperature at which you might want to hang out at a rooftop lounge, and Chicago will be so pretty and pleasant that even Rachel Shteir will like it for a day. In anticipation of that day, we have all your rooftop lounge news. Beginning with… Vertigo at 2 W. Erie will unveil their newly revamped Vertigo Sky Lounge at an event tonight from 5 to 9 p.m. But you’ll have all summer, theoretically, to check out the new outdoor bar, the bartenders booth (whatever that is), and the new food and drink. That’s just one of Chicago’s many outdoor lounges, so many that you could write a whole article about them… like Chicagoist just did, picking its 10 favorite rooftop haunts, from the new-and-trendy (the J. Parker) to the only-in-Chicago-would-this-be-a-top-rooftop-lounge (Gene’s Sausage Shop). [Chicagoist]