U of C Student’s Underground Dining Club Might Be The Hottest Ticket in Town

Photo: courtesy Robert Lipman via My Daily Find

Just yesterday we called out Julia Thiel’s piece on underground dining kind of getting back to its roots in making uncommercial cuisines. Now here’s another piece about it getting back to some other roots— in experimenting with haute cuisine at less than haute prices. University of Chicago student Robert Lipman launched a dining club called The Hearth in which he stages modernist dinners for a whopping $25 a head. Not surprisingly, demand is huge— 500 people sent in their names for the last 10-person dinner, which is Next Paris 1906-level mania for a seat— but the hunt for interesting places to hold the dinners is not without peril, as he found when he staged one in a quiet corner of the library, and pictures were posted online:

I was called in front of the head librarian to account for my actions and my punishment is that I have to speak in front of students later to talk about ‘the importance of not eating food in the library.’ In retrospect, it’s probably best to ask for permission before hosting in well-known places.

That’s right kids, careful with the sexting and the molecular gastronomy online.

[My Daily Find]