Michael Bauer Raves About Trick Dog, Gives It Three Stars

Photo: Alanna Hale

Prepare for Trick Dog to get even more crowded as Mr. Bauer submits a surprising three-star review of the bar. On the blog today he says he surprised even himself with the review, though it is in keeping with previous three-star raves for things like Mill Valley Beerworks, and his general ethos of reviewing like against like, meaning that three stars here is different from three stars at Frances. He applauds the cocktail program, obviously, but he’s also a huge fan of chef Chester Watson’s food, which he says is “designed to enhance or soak up the alcohol from the cocktails.” He mentions the beer nuts glazed in Miller High Life, the brandade-wrapped Scotch eggs, and the “uncompromisingly bold” kale salad, and says the hot-dog shaped Trick Dog burger is “ingenious.” The service, he says, is “adept” and also gets three stars on its own. And just to update you on the Chron paywall situation, he alerts us that you can read his review for free by linking to it via his Twitter, or right here. [Chron]